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About us

The role of Parish Councils is diverse, governed by a legal framework of (discretionary) powers and (mandatory) duties. Virtually all of these powers and duties relate to the overall well-being of a local community.

St Georges & Priorslee Parish Council comprises 11 Councillors who are elected for a four year term. Where a vacancy occurs between scheduled elections Parish Councils may co-opt new members, except where there are more nominations than vacancies in which case a parish election must be held.

All Parish Councillors give their time freely, and receive no financial rewards for their time devoted to Council business or in their role as community leaders and representatives.

Parish Councils are funded through a ‘precept’ on Council Tax payers within their area to cover their administrative costs. Information about St Georges & Priorslee Parish Council’s policies, priorities, budget/resources, and parish projects may be found at various locations within this website.